Border Incident

You give me half
of the dough down

And put me back
over the border where the heat ain't so bad.

Write your wire.
Wait a minute.
What color dough
are you using?

The color of
the dough is ok. Write your wire.

How do I know you won't
double-Cross me?

You don't.
It's dealer's choice,
and I'm the dealer.

Write your wire.
Parkson ranch--
Is that the address?

Care of postmaster,
El Centro.

El Centro.

There you are.
"Box 1510,
main post office, kansas city, missouri.

"Dear roy,
please airmail me my manuscripts

Care of postmaster,
El Centro, California."

That's fine. Thanks.
Now, look. Look.
I'm hotter than
a firecracker, I tell you.

Put me back over
the line, will you?

If the feds pick me up,
I face a 20-Year rap.

We'll take awful
good care of you. It's to my interest.

I think the little room
up in the water tower will be best, huh?

Set Clay to work on it.
All right, fella,
let's go.

Hey, Parkson.
How do you know that wire's
going to pay off?

I don't,
But you're going
to be my guest here until I find out.

Long distance.
A person-To-Person call
to doc briler,

The blue swan inn,
kansas city, missouri.

Now, we get 25 cents
American an hour.

We work 10 hours a day.
That's $2.50 a day.
We work 6 days a week.
That's $15 a week.
But the mayordomo then takes
$3.00 from each one of us for himself