Border Incident

If the feds pick me up,
I face a 20-Year rap.

We'll take awful
good care of you. It's to my interest.

I think the little room
up in the water tower will be best, huh?

Set Clay to work on it.
All right, fella,
let's go.

Hey, Parkson.
How do you know that wire's
going to pay off?

I don't,
But you're going
to be my guest here until I find out.

Long distance.
A person-To-Person call
to doc briler,

The blue swan inn,
kansas city, missouri.

Now, we get 25 cents
American an hour.

We work 10 hours a day.
That's $2.50 a day.
We work 6 days a week.
That's $15 a week.
But the mayordomo then takes
$3.00 from each one of us for himself

And $6.00 for our meals.
So, amigos, we then have
for ourselves $6.00.

And how much
is this in our national money?

Well, that's 40--
41 pesos, 10 centavos.

Are you sure,

Even in
guadalajara, we earn more.

Man: it is
like this everywhere?

No, no. Most ranchers
pay legal wages.

That's where
I'm going--

Where they pay
what is right.

You can't, compadre.
You can't.

None of us can.
We're here
against the law,

So the law
can't help us.

[Door opens]
What's going on
in here?

Get to bed,
you monkeys.

You got work to do
in the morning.

Put that light out.