Come on.
- Close that door. What do you want?
- I'm the store detective.

- I haven't time.
- It won't take long.

- Open your bag.
- I don't understand.

Open it, please!
I'm going home.
I won't be talked to like this!

- If you want it this way. Harry!
- Yes, Mr Hogan?

I just want you to witness this.
- See this pin?
- Yes, Mr Hogan.

Do you have a sales slip for it?
If you have, I'll take a look at it.

Come on, we're wasting time.
You'll have a crowd in a minute.

Main floor.
(Woman) She's probably just faking.
They usually do when they're caught,
especially the fancy-looking ones.

All right, lady. You're awake now.
Let's have your name.

No, I can't tell you my name.
We've got the goods on you, you can't
wiggle your way out of this!

The salesgirl saw you.
The mermaid pin was $300,
she wanted something more expensive.

I turned to the showcase
and I saw her reflection as she...

The pin was removed from your purse.
You can give me your name and come
clean or save it all for the police.

- The police?
- You'd better talk now.

You mustn't speak, Mrs Sutton. You're
still dizzy and too weak to remember.

Wait a minute. Is he a lawyer?
Mr Simms knows who I am.
Yes, but I'm busy, Mr Korvo.
If this woman is a friend...