I'm not looking for a love affair.
- Afraid of being plied with liquor?
- I'll have a martini.

- Two martinis, Vincent.
- Yes, Mr Korvo.

- Did you sleep last night?
- Yes.

Nine hours. I woke up this morning
absolutely a new woman.

As if nothing was wrong with me.
I should think that would inspire
a little trust toward your doctor.

- May I be frank?
- Please.

I heard things about you yesterday
which may or may not be true...

From Mrs Randolph,
who's transferred her hallucinations
to your husband's office.

Hardly a sound source of information.
Possibly not. But I'm grown-up enough
to know your technique.

You know how to make a woman
feel close and dependent on you.

I can release you from a torture
chamber called Mrs William Sutton.

I'm afraid you're wasting your time.
Sit down, please.
I understand you completely.
You adore your husband and want me
only as a man who can make you sleep,

rather than... wake you up.
Yes. And I'll pay you.
50 dollars for each treatment.
And I'll come every day.

Where do you want your treatments?
Here in a bar-room?

Why not?
Teri Randolph can be...
quite a nuisance.

Will you give me her address?
I feel awful about the way I talked
to her. I should write her a note.

Call her up. Right now.
Tell her you intend to use me
only as a doctor,

at a distance of four paces.
- What's her telephone number?
- The switchboard girl will get her.

Please, will you get me
Mrs Theresa Randolph on the phone?