Los Olvidados

people were more respectful
and women stayed at home.

Now they only think
to chase men.

This song will cost one peso.
I must sing to live.
The price of bread rises,
the price of my songs too.

This one is from the days of
my general Don Porfirio.

A coin of twenty centavos and
one of ten have just fallen.

- Here is the blind man.
- Fine.

You, "Baldie",
you swipe his bag.

You rush and give it to him,
who'll give it back to me.

You guys, you wait
where I told you.

What if I'm arrested?
You drop the "exhibit".
Don't get nabbed with it!
I know the law!
- Move!
- It's OK.

- What d'you want?
- Nothing.

Let me go then.
Keep away, son.
Tickle the bull's nostril.