Night and the City

- Now, listen to me -
- Harry, all I got is me money.

And between me and me money is a kind of
understanding, like holy matrimony-

till death us do part.
But I can't miss, Figler!
Figler, will you listen!

I like you, Harry.
Why don't you settle down, get hold of a few
good beggars and put 'em out on the street?

I'll give you all the supplies you need -
legs, eyes, stumps.

- What are you talking about?
- You can make a nice living out of it.

I bring you a fortune,
you give me beggars!

If I had the money, I could help you,
couldn't I? Right.

And if I could help you,
I would, wouldn't I? Right.

But if you ain't got socks,
you can't pull 'em up, now, can you?

Aw, now, Googin,
you're a man of imagination.

With all the best will in the worid, I'm just helpless.
Just plain, sprawlin' helpless.

But this is a golden opportunity.
One chance in a thousand.

Invest your money
where it means something.

I'm just plain,
simple sorry, Harry...

but if you want
anything else...

I can print you a passport,
birth certificate, medical license.

Just ask old Googin
and it's yours.

- And that's how it is, Harry.
- But, Anna, listen-

You're wasting your time and mine.
Anna O'Leary's got only one business.

Balance of the nylons.

I could do with
another 50,000 cigarettes.

Ah, cigarettes, stockings.
This is big, Anna!

One business, and that don't call for me
to put 200 quid into another man's game.

- But it's the chance of a lifetime.
- Anna O'Leary don't take chances.

I'm a hardworking,
hardheaded businesswoman.

Look, you don't wanna spend
the rest of your life living like this, do ya?

Shady deals?
Hiding on the river?

You come in with me, Anna,
it's a life of ease and plenty for you.

I'm takin' great pleasure
in biddin' you good night.

Is that you, Helen?