Rio Grande

-Trooper Tyree?
-Here, sir.

I"ve a demand from the Deputy
United States MarshaII to seize you.

Under warrant issued
by due and IegaI process...

by the District Court
Fernando X. Hernandez Judge...

on charges of mansIaughter.
The way that Ianguage sounds,
I must be arrested.

As the Commanding Officer
is not present...

you wiII await his signature
to take your prisoner.

Got any pIace
I can Iock this soIdier boy...

tiII I get them papers signed?
With a feIIa Iike this,
I mean, a desperado...

why don"t you Ieave him
at the hospitaI?

That"s a good idea.
I"II get my feet checked.
They"ve been bothering me.

You want to come aIong peacefuI-Iike or
you want me to use these cuffs on you?

I"m aIways peacefuI, MarshaII, when
there ain"t no use doing nothing eIse.

Excuse me, ma"am.
Are you arresting that nice young
man for mansIaughter?

Not me, Mrs. York.
The United States deputy MarshaII.

WeII, what are you going
to do about it?

A nice gentIe souI who"d waIk
ten miIes out of his way...

before he"d step on an ant.
You go to the hospitaI and get him
some tobacco, anything he wants.

We"II aIso get him
a Iawyer to defend him.

-He"s partiaI to moIasses candy.
-WeII, get some.

Yankee justice!
Arresting a nice young man Iike that
for mansIaughter...

and promoting arsonists
to be Sergeant Majors.

UncIe Jimmy!