Run away ?
Run away... very far,
and enjoy the essence of life.

the essence of life?
Enjoy every single moment of existence.
But that's what i am doing.
You think so, you poor child.
Happy shall be the one who teaches you that.
life is so...
But, oncle Erland,
dansing is...

If you stop calling me''oncle'',
i myself won't call you...

''my little one''.
There is a time to dance.
You must have a boyfriend,
a danser maybe, young, beardless ?

With whom do you dream,
do you fight,

and plan to spend your life ?
No, at the ballet, we have neither the time
or the desire to do so.

Do people unsually tell the truth...
at the ballet?

Don't be too sure of that.
I'am not sure at all, concerning you.
One day, you'll marry me.
May i hope so ?
You speak like a book.

you'll have me sooner or later.
Damn, i must leave.
Why? It was so nice.
I've got things to do.
May i go with you ?
No, oncle Erland,
It's not possible.

She's running too fast,
you won't catch up with her.

Upset ?
Why is your master upset?
i'am not.
If you say so,
then you're not.

But we both know that you are.
Come on !