No, darling. After a while,
it has no more meaning.

There is no God.
And if there is one, I hate him.
And I shall hate him until i'am dead.
If he was in front of me,
I would spit at his face.

I'll hate him all my life.
I'll never forget.
I'll hate him forever.
You see, Marie,
You have to build a wall around you.

Protecting you from sorrow.
I'll help you achieve that.
I'll help you build that wall.
I'll teach you.
During winter, I have been working hard.
When spring came, Oncle Erland
took me for a long trip.

Then I forgot about Henrik.
In the end, not only was I protected,
but i was a prisonner too.

That way, I forgot Henrik.
My dear Henrik...
The journalist came back,
I tried to make him stay.
But he left.
I tried to make him stay,
But he wouldn't listen.
I don't understand a damn thing about women.
Me neither.