Strangers on a Train

I wouId suggest, for your own
peace of mind, of course...

...that you work at the house.
It'II be Iess embarrassing for you.

But what about practicing? Perhaps
I'd better forget about Forest HiIIs.

My dear boy...
...wouIdn't it Iook rather awkward if
you suddenIy canceIed aII your pIans?

Right. You mustn't do anything
that Iooks suspicious.

-You must act as if nothing happened.
-Escorted by Mr. Hennessy.

A caII for you, Mr. Haines.
They say it's urgent.

Thank you.
Excuse me.
HeIIo, Guy.
It must have been some mistake.
It wasn't for me.

I suppose I was Iucky
being seeded fifth.

I've never seen a Forest HiIIs
tournament. I Iook forward to it.

You mean we'II be going
together, Hennessy?

Don't worry.
By that time, this wiII be
aII cIeared up.

-Ever think of turning professionaI?
-I don't have to do that.

After tennis, I'm going into poIitics.
-I hope.

It's good I don't report that
to the chief.

If he knew that, he'd put 10 men
on you. He says--

Let's take this cab.
It's getting Iate.

-Pentagon buiIding, pIease.
-Oh, not there. I aIways get Iost.