High Noon

Look, Amy. This is my town.
I've got friends here.

I'll swear in deputies, and with a posse
behind me, maybe there won't be trouble.

- You know there'll be trouble.
- Then, it's better to have it here.

I'm sorry, honey.
I know how you feel about it.

- Do you?
- Of course I do. It's against your religion.

- Sure I know how you feel
- But you're doing it just the same.

Oh, Will..
We were married just a few minutes ago.

We've got our whole lives ahead of us.
Doesn't that mean anything?

You know I've only got an hour,
and I've got lots to do.

Stay at the hotel until it's over.
No, I won't be here when it's over.
You're asking me to wait an hour to find out
if I'll be a wife or a widow.

- It's too long to wait. I won't do it.
- Amy...

If you won't go with me now,
I'll be on that train when it leaves here.

I've got to stay.
- Glad you got hero, Percy.
- Are you?

Have you forgotten
that I passed sentence on Frank Miller?

You shouldn't have come back, Will
I figured I had to. I figured I had to stay.
- You figured wrong.
- I can deputise a posse, 10-12 guns.

- My intuition tells me otherwise.
- Why?