High Noon

I've got to stay.
- Glad you got hero, Percy.
- Are you?

Have you forgotten
that I passed sentence on Frank Miller?

You shouldn't have come back, Will
I figured I had to. I figured I had to stay.
- You figured wrong.
- I can deputise a posse, 10-12 guns.

- My intuition tells me otherwise.
- Why?

No time for a lesson in civics, my boy.
In the 5th century BC
the citizens of Athens,

having suffered under a tyrant,
managed to banish him.

When he returned years later
with an army of mercenary,

those same citizens
not only opened their gates for him,

but stood by while he executed
members of the League of Government.

Similar thing happened eight years ago
in a town called Indian Falls.

I escaped death only through the intercess on
of a lady of somewhat dubious reputation,

and the cost of a handsome ring
which once belonged to my mother.

Unfortunately, I have no more rings.
- You're a judge.
- Been a judge many times and many towns.

- I hope to live to be a judge again.
- I can't tell you what to do.

Why must you be so stupid? Have you forgotten
what he's done? That he's crazy?