High Noon

- Where is he?
- He's coming up the back way. A careful man.

Come in, Mr Weaver. Hello.
Sit down, please.

Is there anything wrong, Mrs Ramirez?
Why did you send for me?

I'm leaving town.
I want to sell the store.

- You want to buy me out?
- How much did you want?

Two thousand. I think that's fair.
It's fair allright, but
I couldn't raise that much now.

- How much can you raise?
- Oh... 1000 dollars.

All right you can pay Sam the rest
in six months.

- He'll get it to me. A deal?
- Yes, ma'am.

All right, Mr Weaver. Thank you.
Mrs Ramirez, I want to
thank you for everything, I mean...

When you first put the deal to me
about staking me in the store,

and being a silent partner,
you know, my wife thought..

Err... What I really mean to say is that
you've been real decent to me right along,

and I want you to know
that I've been honest with you.

I know you have, MrWeaver.

Goodbye, Mrs Ramirez.
And good luck to you.

- Will..
- Amy. You've changed your mind.

I thought you'd changed yours.
No, Will, I have my ticket.