High Noon

Mrs Ramirez, I want to
thank you for everything, I mean...

When you first put the deal to me
about staking me in the store,

and being a silent partner,
you know, my wife thought..

Err... What I really mean to say is that
you've been real decent to me right along,

and I want you to know
that I've been honest with you.

I know you have, MrWeaver.

Goodbye, Mrs Ramirez.
And good luck to you.

- Will..
- Amy. You've changed your mind.

I thought you'd changed yours.
No, Will, I have my ticket.
I see.
Clean number 19.
Mrs Miller is very particular.

- Is Helen Ramirez in?
- I guess so.

Think you can find it allright?
Come in.
What are you looking at?
You think I have changed?

What do you want?
You want me to help you?

You want me to ask Frank to let you go?
Beg for you?

I would not do it.
I would not lift a finger for you.

I came to tell you he was coming.
I should've figured you know about it.