High Noon

It figures. It's all happened too sudden.
People got to talk themselves into law and order
before they do anything.

Maybe because down deep they don't care.
They just don't care.

What'll I do, Mart?
I was hopin' you wouldn't come back
- You know why I came back
- But not to commit suicide.

Sometimes... Sometimes
prison changes a man.

Not him. This is all planned,
that's why they're all here.

Get out, Will! Get out.
Will you come down
to that depot with me?

You know how I feel about you,
but I ain't goin' with you.

Seems like a man with busted knuckles
didn't need arthritis, don't it?

No, I couldn't do nothin' for you.
You'd get yourself killed
worryin' about me.

It's too one-sided like it is.
- So long, Martin.
- So long.

It's all for nothin', Will.
It's all for nothin'.

Excuse me, what is
Mrs Ramirez's room number?

- Three.
- Thank you.