I have come at my foster child's request.
Nothing else would've brought me.
What do you want of me?

- Your hand first, sire.
- I do not give it.

Milord, he is still your son.
What do you want of me?
Be brief, for I want none of you.

I will be brief, then.
I have found the king.

- The king is dead.
- He is alive...

...held by Leopold of Austria.
It's all here in his hand.
Read it yourself.

John has left him in chains
so he can steal his throne.

As those two Norman knights in your castle
could testify, if you put them to the sword.

Is it Richard's hand?
Perhaps. Written before they killed him.
I heard his voice, I tell you.
The king is alive.

What is the ransom?
150,000 marks of silver.
- There's not that sum in England.
- You could pay your share of it.

For what, to buy back Richard's corpse?
I'll use what money I have left to slay
the living Normans, not dig up the dead.

- You'll leave your king to rot, then?
- I'll leave him to mad, wild fools like you...

...who can do neither harm nor good.
Then you force me to choose
between my father and my king.

Choose? Choose between whom?
You have no king, and I have no son.
I bid you take no part in this
nor look upon his face again.

Begone from here within the hour.
What will you do now?
Follow Bois-Guilbert to Ashby
and meet him in the lists.

Be cautious, lvanhoe.
Don't be afraid, Rowena.
Richard will be king again, and we shall be
there to see the crown set upon his head.

Look for me at the tournament
and pray for me.

- Farewell.
- Farewell, and God protect you.

Sir lvanhoe, I heard an old bear
and a young bear growling.