Monkey Business

I like the way it sticks out.
- Or is that you?
- Well, you oughta know.

It isn´t you.
You ought to be going somewhere
in a dress like that.

Yeah. Well, l´m glad you like it.
Holy smokes!
We forgot all about the party.
Why didn´t you remind me?

- We´re not going.
- Why not?

Well, we´re not going
for a number of reasons.

One... when I dance with you,
I want to dance with allofyou.

I don´t want your brain to be somewhere else.
I know.
You´re not often the absent-minded
professor, but you can be a real zombie.

- Yeah, I admit it.
- And I don´t want people to see you like that.

Now, go on. Sit down and relax, and...
be brilliant.
- You know, you´re all right.
- How do you like your eggs?

- How did eggs get into the conversation?
- You´re hungry, aren´t you?

I´ll fix you something to eat
and call Hank and tell him we´re not coming.

- Did you telephone Hank?
- Mm-hm. He wasn´t in. I left a message.

Don´t tell me you´ve solved
the formula already.

No. No, l´ve had my mind on other things.
You´ve been looking forward to
this party for a month, haven´t you?

- We´re not even going to discuss it.
- I know that. I was just thinking.

- It´s queer about people.
- What about people?

- Through no fault oftheir own they get older.
- That´s a profound remark.

Well, they do. Something happens to them.
Are you referring to me, Barnaby?
No, I was thinking ofthe human race.
A pretty sad group.

Could you get me some soup plates, darling?
If you don´t think the human race
undergoes changes as it matures,

I ask you to recall the night
ofthe Everett Winston party.