Sceicco bianco, Lo

What's this, a photograph?
May I?

What is it? Let me see!
Did you draw this yourself?
It's a very good likeness.

Look, ma'am.
What a masterpiece!

It's wonderful!
His turban is perfect!
Such spirit, and a painter too!
Fernando will be ecstatic.
Such a generous, sensitive heart!

What about the punch line?
- The director needs it right away.

We're working on it!
Just a moment.

Has Fernando Rivoli arrived?
Nando? He's downstairs.
We've got to get going.

Oh, shut up!
What was I saying?
Let's see.
The punch line could be --
My dear?
If you were in the desert at night,
and you knew your sheik was
in danger, what would you say?

Who, me?
If I were Fatima,
alone in the desert at night?

I'd say --What would I say?
''My word but I am distraught.''
An exquisitely human line.

- Really?
- I'll write it down immediately.

It's simple... like life.
Tell them you'll be right down.
- All right.

We'll be right down.
These are for the director,
Mr. Fortuna.

And take this young lady
to see Fernando Rivoli.

Go, dear!
Your sheik is waiting.