Sceicco bianco, Lo

We have to get going!
Gather round, people!
Listen to me.

''The chief of the desert marauders --''
What are you doing here?

I'm an admirer of the tenth muse.
Well, you can't stay here.
''He conceives a ferociously brave plan.''
Felga, please!
''Oscar, the cruel bedouin,
lands on the beach near the harem

with his legendary Moorish ships,
well-known the length
of the African coast,

and leads his demonic army
against the White Sheik.''

''It was the dead of the African night.
In the harem of mystery,
the harem girls slept languidly,

dreaming of the White Sheik.
Only Felga, the mysterious Greek--
Only one other soul was wakeful --
Fatima, the faithful slave.''

My word but I am distraught.
Who threatens my Sheik?

More Oriental!
We're not sunbathing, you know!
Bring me the tiara!
My word but I am distraught.
- Do you think I'm up to it?
- Of course.

''And the ill-fated ship sailed on
to love, death and destruction.''
Get ready for the rape scene!
Ready, Rivoli?

Ready. My cape!
Quick, or we'll lose the sun.
Hurry up with the makeup!
Is the first camera ready?

- Second camera?
- Ready.!

Places, everyone! Let's go!