Viva Zapata!

I'll send you to my personal attorney.
But before you see him, I urge you
to find your boundary stones.

Check them against
your grants and titles.

Verify your boundaries. Facts. Facts!
Now, my children, I have
many other matters to attend to.

I've been your president for 34 years.
It's not an easy job being president.

GROUP: Thank you, my president.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, my president.

What's next?
We can't verify the boundaries,
my president.

The land is fenced and guarded.
They're planting sugar cane
in our cornfields.

- The courts...
- With your permission...

The courts?
Do you know of any land suit
that was ever won by country people?

Has your land been taken?
My father's land was taken long ago,
my president.

My children, I'm your father,
your protector. I'm of your blood.

But believe me, these matters
take time. You must be patient.

With your permission. We make
our tortillas out of corn, not patience.

And patience will not cross
an armed and guarded fence.

To do as you suggest,
to verify those boundaries...

...we need your authority.
I cannot possibly exercise
such authority.

- But you advise it.
- I can only advise.

Then naturally, my president,
we will do as you advise.

Thank you. With your permission.