Viva Zapata!

You wouldn't do that.
A respectable girl like you?

Yes, I would.
Because I am a respectable girl.

A respectable girl wants to live
a safe life. Protected, uneventful.

Without surprises.
And preferably with a rich man.

You don't mean that.
I do.
Come back when you can offer me that.
He's going to let you go. Don't scream.

The police are after him.
Let her go.

- I like him.
JOSEFA: You do?

I mean, he's a terrible man.
A fugitive, a criminal.

I like him too.
Rub it in. Rub it in harder.
They're so lazy.
Luncheon is ready now.

If this is the best of the lot,
where are the others?

- Are the others here?
- They're so lazy.

If they're not stealing, they're asleep.
If they're awake, they're drunk.