Viva Zapata!

I've been offered a position
by Don Nacio Delator.

Don Nacio Delator does not employ
fugitives from the law.

If I accept, he will have me pardoned.
Why in the world would Don Nacio
need anyone like you? Why?

Apparently, you do not know I am the
best judge of horses in the country.

You are the only one
who does not know this.

I was with him for years,
I bought every horse in his stable.

When I have not helped
Don Nacio buy his horses...

:18:31's later discovered
that they have five legs.

Conceited monkey.
Do you know that I can take you
away with me by force, now?

By force?
I would not prevent you.
I would go with you
because I couldn't prevent you.

- But soon you will go to sleep.
- And then?

Sooner or later you will go to sleep.
You wouldn't do that.
A respectable girl like you?

Yes, I would.
Because I am a respectable girl.

A respectable girl wants to live
a safe life. Protected, uneventful.

Without surprises.
And preferably with a rich man.

You don't mean that.
I do.
Come back when you can offer me that.
He's going to let you go. Don't scream.

The police are after him.
Let her go.