Viva Zapata!

- That boy was hungry.
- Calm down, calm down.

Now, look, Emiliano.
You're clever and able,
you might even be important...

...have money and property,
be respected.

You told me that's what you wanted.
Do you want it or don't you?

- That boy was hungry!
- Are you responsible to everybody?

You can't be the conscience
of the whole world.

ZAPATA: Thank you.
WORKER: You should see them go down.

You have another cigar?
- Some of your admirers.
- Indians.

The most civilized thing about you
is your taste for good cigars.

I'm gonna prescribe for you, Emiliano.
You need that wife.
- You ever spoken to Josefa's father?
- No.

- Well, why not?
- He doesn't like me, I don't like him.

In the world of business,
few people like each other...

...but they have to get along
or there wouldn't be any business.

Now look, Emiliano.
Now you have position, clothes...

Go to SeƱor Espejo, tell him I'm
your patron. Make your peace with him.

And don't forget, the president
has drawn a circle around your name.

You must behave.
You better start practicing now.
Go over and apologize to him.

Well, go ahead.
- I apologize.
- Accepted. Accepted.

All right?
- You know them?
- He's a friend. He's been away.

Hey, look.

- What's that?
- Texas.