Viva Zapata!

- He spoke of you.
- He wants a message.

One strong push from the North or South
and Diaz drops like an old bull.

- The time has come.
- Why don't they lock Madero up?

- They protect political refugees.
- Why?

- Up there, they're a democracy.
- We're a democracy too, and look.

- I know, but...
- I'll explain it.

Up there, the government governs,
but with consent.

- The people have a voice.
- That's right.

They have a president, but he
governs with the consent of the people.

Here we have a president, no consent.
- Who asked us if we wanted Diaz?
- Nobody ever asked me nothing.

- How are you in all this?

Madero sent him with me.
- He wants a message.
- Tell him to get another leader.

- You don't believe in him?
- Yes.

- So?
- Tell him to get another man.

- As you wish.
- I have private affairs.

I don't want to be the conscience of
the world or the conscience of anybody.

As you wish.
- Nacente, what's the matter?
- Get away from the prisoner!

Nacente, what are they
taking you in for? Hey, Nacente.

He can't talk, Emiliano.
Nacente, here.
- What did he do?
- They're the craziest people I've seen.

- Well, what did he do?
- They're always doing something.

What are you going to do with him?