Viva Zapata!

I think you better let him go.
Let him go!
Should have cut the rope
without talking.

He crawled through the fence
to plant the corn.

My father does the same thing.
He still thinks it's his own field.

Stubborn. That's what you are.
No, not stubborn.
The field is like a woman.

You live with it all of your life,
it's hard to learn that she isn't yours.

He understands.
Mano, I couldn't catch them...
- I'm sorry we've caused you trouble.
MAN: Now they'll be after you.

- You can hide in my house.
- It would be an honor.

Thank you.
ESPEJO: You mentioned Don Nacio?
- Don Nacio is my patron.

He has assured me
that I will be a man of substance.

On that basis, I presume to sue
for your daughter's hand.

Do not think I'm insensible
of the honor you do me...

:27:51 offering to take my daughter
off my hands.

Why is it impossible for me
to get a glass of cold water?