Viva Zapata!

No, not stubborn.
The field is like a woman.

You live with it all of your life,
it's hard to learn that she isn't yours.

He understands.
Mano, I couldn't catch them...
- I'm sorry we've caused you trouble.
MAN: Now they'll be after you.

- You can hide in my house.
- It would be an honor.

Thank you.
ESPEJO: You mentioned Don Nacio?
- Don Nacio is my patron.

He has assured me
that I will be a man of substance.

On that basis, I presume to sue
for your daughter's hand.

Do not think I'm insensible
of the honor you do me...

:27:51 offering to take my daughter
off my hands.

Why is it impossible for me
to get a glass of cold water?

- Go, go!
- Shh!

Go, go!

But I do not need to give the problem
a great deal of thought...

...before I answer with a permanent
and unchanging no.

The answer is no.
- What is wrong with me?
- We have a proverb:

Though we are all made of
the same clay, a jug is not a vase.

- What is wrong with me?
- I'd hoped you would not ask again.

But since you have,
you are a rancher without land.

A gentleman without money. A man
of substance without substance.

A fighter, a drinker, a brawler.
These things you are.

Though I have nothing
against you personally...

...and I can see wherein some quarters
you may be considered desirable.

But my daughter...
I have no intentions of finding her
squatting on the bare earth...

...patting tortillas
like a common Indian.

What are you doing?