Viva Zapata!

What a waste of time.
- He should've stolen her.
- This way he gets her father's money.

But is it worth all this?
I have loved with all my heart 100
women I never want to see again...

...and he is still after this one.
It escapes me.

Did you think of me?
It is said, a warrior's shield
is his sweetheart's heart.

We have a proverb: A man well-dressed
is a man well-thought-of.

A monkey in silk is still a monkey.
But when love and beauty
come into the house...

...then throw out the lamps.
- It's an hour and three-quarters.
- I know, makes me sick.

That's how these people
go about getting married.

Excuse me.
Do you believe the saying: An egg
unbroke, a horse unrode, a girl unwed?

I believe that a man is fire,
and a woman fuel.