Viva Zapata!

We have a proverb: A man well-dressed
is a man well-thought-of.

A monkey in silk is still a monkey.
But when love and beauty
come into the house...

...then throw out the lamps.
- It's an hour and three-quarters.
- I know, makes me sick.

That's how these people
go about getting married.

Excuse me.
Do you believe the saying: An egg
unbroke, a horse unrode, a girl unwed?

I believe that a man is fire,
and a woman fuel.

And she who is born beautiful,
is born married.

Can you get away from the window?
Let some air through.

And get that horse out of here!
Go on!
Best horse I ever had.
Josefa, let's go walk,
there might be a breeze.

- A walk?
- Alone?

A whipped dog is the wiser dog.
Do you think that three women
and a goose make a market?