All I Desire

Here's some mail for you.
Well, I started out holding the hoops
for Miller's Wonder Dogs.

- I guess I can always go back to it.
- For Pete's sake, Naomi.

You're too classy for vaudeville.
You ought to go back to legit.

Yeah, they loved me in Detroit.
There's real prestige in legit.
New parts all the time.

You don't have to worry about getting old.
What's the matter, honey?
You look like you saw a ghost.

- No.
- Bad news?

Well, it's a laugh, that's all.
- "Dearest mother."
- I told you it was a laugh.

"I don't know if you ever think of me,
but I think of you.

"I'm graduating from high school this year
and I'm in the senior play on May 20.

"I suppose this doesn't sound much
to a great star like you."

Go ahead.
"And I know your career
must keep you very busy."

Gets funnier, doesn't it?
"But there's only one present I would like
and that is to have you there.

"Your adoring, Lily."
You never said...
That I had a kid?
I've got three. Two girls and a boy.

And I walked out on them. My husband, too.
1900, it wasn't going to be
a Happy New Year for me,

it was going to be a happy new century.
Not much to be proud of, is it?
And you haven't seen them
in all these years?

I had a reason. Lots of reasons.
You should have seen me trying to be
a wife of a schoolteacher

back there in the great big town
of Riverdale, Wisconsin.

I don't think the town approved of me.
After a while, he didn't either.

He always said
I'd wind up disgracing him and the kids.

- I guess, maybe I did.
- Another man?

I pulled out before
there was a scandal that would have...

I guess I did the right thing.
There's somebody back there
who lets me know how they're doing.

She says they're doing just fine.
Sure be fun to go up there
and see how they all look.

The catch is they'd see me,
the great big star.

I'm supposed to be in Europe
doing Shakespeare.

- Is that so?
- That's my story and I'm stuck with it.

- It'll be great going back. You gotta, Naomi.
- Oh, Belle.

The kid's counting on it.
They don't have to know how you're doing.