All I Desire

Lily, it's time you got ready.
I have to do your collar
and press your sash.

There's plenty of time.
Listen, the first thing an actress has to learn
is that the show must go on.

All right. I’ll be upstairs.
I'm so glad that you're going to see me
as Baroness Barclay tonight.

It's a wonderful part and in the second act...
- Lily!
- Wait till you see the second act.

Well, we don't have to stand here.
Did you have your supper yet?
Frankly, I'm starved.
I was too excited to think about food.

Then have something.
You'll have to excuse me,
I've got to get dressed.

Come in the kitchen like the old days.
Gosh. What do you know.
Oh, Lena!
- I never thought, I never let myself hope...
- I was really scared for a minute.

- It will be all right.
- Thank you for writing, for everything.

- Somebody got to.
- Lena, you've baked.

Now I know I'm really home.
Kitchen hasn't changed much,
same old rocker.

And the matchbox.
- I used to be able to kick it, remember?
- Could you now?

- I'm not as young as I was.
- Who is? But could you?

Well, I...
- One, two...
- Three!

- Joyce.
- Did you press the petticoat, Lena?

I have to get Lily ready.
Joyce really takes care of the whole house.
- Only since I've had to.
- Well, you seem to be thriving on it.

Why did you come back?
Didn't you make us
unhappy enough before?

Joyce, please!
Am I supposed to admire her
for what she did?

As far as I'm concerned,