All I Desire

- I never thought, I never let myself hope...
- I was really scared for a minute.

- It will be all right.
- Thank you for writing, for everything.

- Somebody got to.
- Lena, you've baked.

Now I know I'm really home.
Kitchen hasn't changed much,
same old rocker.

And the matchbox.
- I used to be able to kick it, remember?
- Could you now?

- I'm not as young as I was.
- Who is? But could you?

Well, I...
- One, two...
- Three!

- Joyce.
- Did you press the petticoat, Lena?

I have to get Lily ready.
Joyce really takes care of the whole house.
- Only since I've had to.
- Well, you seem to be thriving on it.

Why did you come back?
Didn't you make us
unhappy enough before?

Joyce, please!
Am I supposed to admire her
for what she did?

As far as I'm concerned,
we aren't your family
and you're not our mother.

Of course, I don't see what else we can do.
Do you, Sara?
Yes, a lot has happened
since this afternoon.

Certainly. Goodbye.
Honestly, Henry,
I thought you knew all about the letter.

- If I had dreamed how Joyce felt...
- Only Joyce?

Thank you for not making a scene.
How could I in front of Lily?
She idolises you, Naomi.

Joyce is different, she's more like me.
I don't think she'll forgive years of desertion
for a few minutes of charm.

I'm sorry. It's a good thing
I'm leaving right after the play.

Naomi, honestly, why did you come back?
You hate this town.

I told you. Lily.
It was an impulse. I couldn't help it.

Are you trying to tell me after all these years,
you were suddenly seized
with an irresistible impulse?

Don't you think
I wanted to see the children before?

- You never tried!
- Nobody asked me!

- Would it have mattered if we had?
- Naomi, your supper's ready.