All I Desire

we aren't your family
and you're not our mother.

Of course, I don't see what else we can do.
Do you, Sara?
Yes, a lot has happened
since this afternoon.

Certainly. Goodbye.
Honestly, Henry,
I thought you knew all about the letter.

- If I had dreamed how Joyce felt...
- Only Joyce?

Thank you for not making a scene.
How could I in front of Lily?
She idolises you, Naomi.

Joyce is different, she's more like me.
I don't think she'll forgive years of desertion
for a few minutes of charm.

I'm sorry. It's a good thing
I'm leaving right after the play.

Naomi, honestly, why did you come back?
You hate this town.

I told you. Lily.
It was an impulse. I couldn't help it.

Are you trying to tell me after all these years,
you were suddenly seized
with an irresistible impulse?

Don't you think
I wanted to see the children before?

- You never tried!
- Nobody asked me!

- Would it have mattered if we had?
- Naomi, your supper's ready.

Don't let it get cold.
I'm sorry,
I don't think I've shouted since you left.

- You could always do that to me.
- Do you hate me this much, Henry?

I'm thinking of the children.
Our lives are settled now.

We've lived down the talk, the scandal.
If you've lived it down, fine,
it won't start up again.

- It won't.
- I’ll go to the play alone.

- You needn't see me again.
- No, we'll go together.

We'll make everything seem perfectly normal
then you'll come back here to the party
and you can catch the 12:15 for Chicago.

That suits me.
Er, one other thing.
- That was Sara on the telephone.
- Sara?

Sara Harper. She's the drama teacher.
They're putting additional chairs
in the auditorium.

- Seems there's a sudden demand for seats.
- At least Lily will have a good house.

And you'll be the centre of attention.
I’ll make a good impression.
That's all you care about, isn't it?
What other people will think?