All I Desire

Peterson, put that back in the tub.
We don't need any ice.

Joyce, I know you're only trying
to make him jealous

but Russ has been asking for you
and I'm all worn out.

Thank you, Mrs Murdoch. Come on, honey.
Well, the feeling is very familiar.
Do you know, when you smile,
Joyce, you're pretty as a...

Oh, Russ! Honestly.
- Sara.
- Henry.

- I'm glad you've come.
- I had a great deal to do at the auditorium.

This sounds like quite a party,
even halfway down the block.

- Sara, it's so good of you to come.
- Thank you.

I want to tell you once again what a really
fine job you did on the play tonight.

Thank you very much.
- We owe a great deal to our leading lady.
- No, she owes a great deal to you.

- That's very nice of you.
- I'm sure that Sara would like some punch.

Excuse us.
Mrs Murdoch, what's the chances...
I mean, it would be a pleasure if...

- May I dance with you?
- I'd love to.

- There you are.
- Thank you.

- She's very charming, Henry.
- Yes, she can even charm a Yale man.