All I Desire

- When did all this happen?
- Just now, can you believe it?

Peterson! You know what?
If she goes and leaves the mister...
maybe we have still to wait a little longer.
- No.
- Yes.

I hate to go in.
Why should you go in
on a night like this?

- Oh, because it's so late.
- It can't be.

- I've hardly talked to you.
- Whose fault is that?

- There's a time and a place for everything.
- You're so right.

- You know, I loved that lake.
- Yes.

- And I loved canoeing with you.
- Yes.

- And I love...
- Yes?

And that's the way
I always want to think of you.

Don't get up for me.
That you, Ted?
A little late, isn't it? Lily's already in bed.
I guess so.
But it's not a school night. Good night.

Would you like me to come up
and tuck you into bed?

Gosh, I don't get tucked in bed anymore.
- No, of course you don't. Good night.
- Good night.

- Night, Dad.
- Good night, son.

You forget what you've missed.
You're lucky. I remember.
Now, that I'm here, I remember, too.
But you've had both, Naomi.
Career, success
in the great big outside world,