All I Desire

For a long time I hoped you'd come back.
- Is it too late?
- I don't know.

I don't know.
Where is everybody?
- Big day like today and everybody's lazy.
- Good morning, Lena.

- Good morning.
- Isn't it a wonderful morning?

- It's a wonderful world.
- It's about time.

- Good morning, Theodore.
- Well, hi, Baroness.

I would say the Baroness Barclay
was the most fascinating...

Where are you going?
I've got sense enough
not to waste the day around here.

- It's way past noon now.
- Hi, Ted.

- Good morning, Lena.
- Good morning, Joyce.

Lily. Oh, it's a beautiful day isn't it?
Well, you must have had a good time
last night.

I did. I plead guilty, your honour.
A grand time.

You should spend more time in canoes.
- Good morning, Lena, Lily, Joyce.
- Good morning.

- Smells wonderful. I swear I’ll stuff myself.
- I'd have brought you a tray.

Never slept better in my life.
Even those birds couldn't wake me.

- Good morning, Lena.
- Good morning, sir.

Children. Good morning, Naomi.
Good morning, Henry. I hope you slept well.
I believe the expression is
"like a top", or is it "like a log"?

- Like a log.
- Uh-huh. Ted finished already?

We've got a lot to do uptown today
and there isn't much time.

I think maybe we'll find
there's plenty of time.

- Your mother may stay on for a while.
- Wonderful! For how long?

We can have some clothes made.
I've been wondering
what I could wear in New York.

Lily, I may not be going to New York.
- Not going?
- We may be able to persuade your mother

to stay on for quite a long time.
- Even...
- But your promise!

I never promised. I told you that I would try.
What did you say to her?
Lt was you, wasn't it?

And after you gave me permission.
- At least I thought you were honest.
- Lily!

How could you give up everything
that matters?

You let him keep us both in this stuffy town
just because he's stuffy
and old-fashioned himself.