Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

And here's some advice
I'd like to share

Find a gentleman
Who is shy or bold
Or short or tall
Or young or old
As long as the guy's a millionaire
For a kid from a small street
I did very well on Wall Street

Though I never owned a share of stock
And now that I'm known
In the biggest banks

I'm a-goin' back home
And give my thanks

To the one who broke my heart
The one who broke my heart
The one who broke my heart
In Little Rock
Dorothy, wait a minute.
Louie, ask Mr. Esmond to come
to our dressing room.

-Yes, Miss Blake.
-Why the rush? He won't run away.

-l know, but l can't wait.
-For what?

Didn't you notice?
His pocket was bulging.

lt's a bag of gumdrops.
lt was square, like a box for a ring.
l think he's got a present for me.

Only you can be on-stage
with a spotlight in your eye...

...and still see a diamond
in a man's pocket.

Thank you, Louie.