Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

In Little Rock
Dorothy, wait a minute.
Louie, ask Mr. Esmond to come
to our dressing room.

-Yes, Miss Blake.
-Why the rush? He won't run away.

-l know, but l can't wait.
-For what?

Didn't you notice?
His pocket was bulging.

lt's a bag of gumdrops.
lt was square, like a box for a ring.
l think he's got a present for me.

Only you can be on-stage
with a spotlight in your eye...

...and still see a diamond
in a man's pocket.

Thank you, Louie.
-Mr. Esmond. Pray, come in.
-Thank you, l'd love to.

-Hi, Gus.
-Good evening.

-You were wonderful. Magnificent!
-Thank you.

-You were good too.
-Gee, that makes me all warm inside.

-Mr. Esmond!
-ls it the right size?

lt can never be too big.
Do you think it's too small, Dorothy?

-lt should have a highball around it.
-Does it fit your finger?

Yes, it fits perfect.
Daddy, l'll bet you made me
the happiest girl in the world.

What do you do,
put Novocaine on your lipstick?

Daddy? Daddy?
May l tell Dorothy?

lf you wish.
Dorothy, Mr. Esmond and l
are getting married.

-To each other?
-Of course. Who else to?