Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

-Who's that?
-A stranger. He had the wrong room.

Hope he isn't just seeing someone off.

Quite a place we have here.
Come in, fellas.
Folks, meet the relay team.

-How do you do?

We're having a bon voyage party.
Put the phonograph in there.

Come on in, everybody. Make yourselves
at home. l'll get the glasses.

Who's got the champagne?

Keep those athletes to yourself.
What a coincidence!
That's my plan too.

Gangway! Who needs a glass?
-l want to talk to you.

l want to tell you....
l want to remind you
of something very....

Stop that, please.
lt's most distracting.

Dear, a lot depends on how
you conduct yourself on this trip.

As you know, Dad is dead set
against our marriage.

Even the slightest hint of scandal....
l don't know what l could do.

My goodness, lover.
You don't have to tell me that.

l'd give anything to sail
with you, baby.

Me too. l don't know
what l'll do without you.

l don't know what l'll do without you.
l'm not so sure.
You can be a naughty boy sometimes.

-You don't have to worry about me.
-l do, though.

All visitors ashore! First call.
All visitors ashore!

Bye-bye, baby
Remember you're my baby
When they give you the eye

Although I know that you care
Won't you write and declare