Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

When they give you the eye
Although I know that you care
Won't you write and declare

That though on the loose
You are still on the square

-You better go.
-Don't go.

-Step back, please.
-Bye, lover!

I know that I'll be smilin'
With my baby by and by

And by
With my wonderful baby
By and by

-Hi, Miss Shaw.
-All right, guys, keep moving.

-""Mr. Amos Jones and valet.""
-What are you doing?

Checking the passenger list.
""Mr. Alfred Loman and valet.""

""Mr. Eugene Martin and valet.""
Why the sudden interest in valets?
When a man has ""and valet""
after his name, he's worthwhile.

l'm trying to find
a gentleman escort for you.

Don't bother. l just
provided myself with about 20.

Dorothy, did you ever hear
of a rich pole-vaulter?

Who cares? l like a man
who can run faster than l can.

l hate to think where you'll wind up.