Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


-Hi, Miss Shaw.
-All right, guys, keep moving.

-""Mr. Amos Jones and valet.""
-What are you doing?

Checking the passenger list.
""Mr. Alfred Loman and valet.""

""Mr. Eugene Martin and valet.""
Why the sudden interest in valets?
When a man has ""and valet""
after his name, he's worthwhile.

l'm trying to find
a gentleman escort for you.

Don't bother. l just
provided myself with about 20.

Dorothy, did you ever hear
of a rich pole-vaulter?

Who cares? l like a man
who can run faster than l can.

l hate to think where you'll wind up.
You're wasting time on
unrefined persons without money.

Did it occur to you that
some people don't care about money?

Don't be silly.
We're talking serious.

-Do you want a loveless marriage?
-Me, loveless?

lf a girl spends time worrying
about the money she doesn't have...

:19:21 will she have
any time for love?

l want you to find happiness
and stop having fun.

-That baffles me.
-You'll thank me some day.

Here's a good one:
""Henry Spofford lll and valet.""

l remember. The Spofford family
owns practically a whole state.

A big one too.
l think it's Pennsylvania.

l guess l could settle
for Pennsylvania.

-Hello, Mrs. Henry Spofford lll.
-Mrs. Henry Spofford lll and valet.

He won't have anything l don't.
See you later.

Don't forget the cocktail party. 5:30.