Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Two out of three, anyone?
Doesn't anyone want to play?
I like big muscles
And red corpuscles

I like a beautiful hunk of man
But I'm no physical culture fan
Ain't there anyone here for love?
Sweet love
Ain't there anyone

Ain't there anyone
Ain't there anyone, anyone
Anyone, anyone

For love?
-Did you say $50?

A tidy sum just to sit at a table.
Supply and demand. Many requests
for a seat at Miss Shaw's table.

And the price goes up and up and up.
That's inevitable. Je regrette.

Je regrette it more than vous.
However, the name's Malone.

Get it down while
l can still afford it.

-Bonjour, mademoiselle.
-Are you the headwaiter?

-At your service.
-l'm Miss Lee.

Oh, Miss Lee. Well, now l understand.
What can l do for you?

Put a certain gentleman at my table.
There's nothing l can do for you.
All seating arrangements
are completed, final.

ln Atlantic City, all the men
at my hotel wanted to sit at my table.