Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

She doesn't care for diamonds?
l'm trying to avoid trouble.
Do not tell her about the diamonds.

Did you say ""diamonds""?
Well, well, well!
By George, l must say!

No doubt about it, no sirree.
No doubt about it at all.

-Miss Lee, meet Piggie.
-Delighted! Delighted!

You did say ""diamonds."" l can tell.
l control the second largest mine
in South Africa.

But this lady has a friend
she doesn't want to know about me.

-l wonder why.
-Oh, no, you don't.

Having heard so much about you,
l expected you'd be much older.

Me? You don't say. By George!
Older than what?

The Pyramids.
l say if a man isn't a certain age,
he isn't interesting.

Honey, lay off!
Bless my soul. Care to dance?
l'd enjoy to dance.
Thank you ever so.

-Another drink?
-No, thanks.

-Need a program to tell the players.
-l want to know who the players are.

-Like, who just stole second base?
-My name's Malone.

Mine's Shaw, Dorothy.
Well, Mr. Malone?

You're the most attractive girl here,
so l came over.

-Flattery will get you anywhere.
-Then we haven't any problems.

l was wondering why
you hadn't shown up before this.

-l had some business to attend to.
-Then this isn't a vacation?

Not entirely.
There's still a telephone.

-ln fact, l just had some bad news.

My best 2-year-old will never
run again. He's worth $40,000.