Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Honey, lay off!
Bless my soul. Care to dance?
l'd enjoy to dance.
Thank you ever so.

-Another drink?
-No, thanks.

-Need a program to tell the players.
-l want to know who the players are.

-Like, who just stole second base?
-My name's Malone.

Mine's Shaw, Dorothy.
Well, Mr. Malone?

You're the most attractive girl here,
so l came over.

-Flattery will get you anywhere.
-Then we haven't any problems.

l was wondering why
you hadn't shown up before this.

-l had some business to attend to.
-Then this isn't a vacation?

Not entirely.
There's still a telephone.

-ln fact, l just had some bad news.

My best 2-year-old will never
run again. He's worth $40,000.

lt's not the money.
This might've been good.

-You're not one of those?
-One of what?

The kind who tells a girl
about his money.

What's wrong with money?
Yes, l'm afraid you are.
Go whistle up a rope.

l can't stand rich playboys
who think they--

Now wait a minute! l'm not that bad
all the time. Sometimes l'm very nice.

Sometimes l speak without thinking.
So you're half sweet, half acid.
-Please, l made a mistake.
-Yes, you did.

l got some bad information.
Now that l've put my foot in it...

...l remember it wasn't you they were
talking about, but your friend.

-Or am l wrong again?

No, money is rather
a hobby of Lorelei's.

Oh, Piggie.
-You're worried about her.
-You're very observing.