Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

lt's not the money.
This might've been good.

-You're not one of those?
-One of what?

The kind who tells a girl
about his money.

What's wrong with money?
Yes, l'm afraid you are.
Go whistle up a rope.

l can't stand rich playboys
who think they--

Now wait a minute! l'm not that bad
all the time. Sometimes l'm very nice.

Sometimes l speak without thinking.
So you're half sweet, half acid.
-Please, l made a mistake.
-Yes, you did.

l got some bad information.
Now that l've put my foot in it...

...l remember it wasn't you they were
talking about, but your friend.

-Or am l wrong again?

No, money is rather
a hobby of Lorelei's.

Oh, Piggie.
-You're worried about her.
-You're very observing.

Am l forgiven?
Considering the man shortage
on this craft....

Good. We'll start all over again.
l promise that l--

We're gonna be interrupted.
We had a jolly time.
-Mr. Malone, Miss Lee and Piggie.
-How do you do?

Piggie is the super-best dancer.
So light on his feet.

-l was sure he would be.
-You're trying to flatter me.

LORELEl: What's the matter?
-My wife.

-l thought it was his mine.
-Won't you join us?

-l just have.
-May l present Miss Lee?

-Miss Shaw, Mr....

-A pleasure, l'm ever so sure.
-Thank you.

We're having a jolly time.
Lady Beekman, that's the most
beautiful jewelry l've ever seen.

l'm proud of the earrings. Heirlooms.
Been in the family for ages.