Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

-l'm burning up.
-Let's take off your coat.

Yes, you'll feel better.
You'll cool off. l'll help.

Now you just sit down there.
Excuse me a minute.

-Any luck?
-Not so far.

Be sure you check the inside pocket.
-lt's not in here.
-lt's not in his coat.

There's one other place
it could be: his pants.

-We'll have to get them.
-Should l do it alone?

-Two heads are better than one.
-l suppose so.

lt's ticklish business.
We'll stick together.

l nearly went to sleep.
Could you turn the heat down?

-He needs a glass of water.
-Yes, indeed.

l'd like water, but it's this heat--
Nice glass of water.
Look out!
-Your pants are soaked!
-We can't leave him in wet pants.

-l'll put them under the hair dryer.
-l'll go and change.

-Don't be silly. You'll catch cold.
-No, no! Look--

l won't catch cold!
What kind of a party is this?

You're just in time.
Get something to put on him.

Mr. Malone doesn't feel well.
You better go and lie down.

-l feel like lying down for a month.
-Here, put this on.

Fran├žois'll help.
lt's not fair. Two against one,
take a man's pants....

-l don't think it's here.
-lt must be.

LORELEl: l've got it! l've got it!
Here. $2.20.
Your negatives and positive prints.

And may l say, in the words
of my countrymen, ""Ooh, la, la!""

-Thank you ever so.
-A pleasure.