Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

-l'll put them under the hair dryer.
-l'll go and change.

-Don't be silly. You'll catch cold.
-No, no! Look--

l won't catch cold!
What kind of a party is this?

You're just in time.
Get something to put on him.

Mr. Malone doesn't feel well.
You better go and lie down.

-l feel like lying down for a month.
-Here, put this on.

Fran├žois'll help.
lt's not fair. Two against one,
take a man's pants....

-l don't think it's here.
-lt must be.

LORELEl: l've got it! l've got it!
Here. $2.20.
Your negatives and positive prints.

And may l say, in the words
of my countrymen, ""Ooh, la, la!""

-Thank you ever so.
-A pleasure.

Hi. Remember me?
Yes. You're one of
the Olympic athletes.

l'm the only 4-letter man on the team.
You should be ashamed to admit it.
No, don't say another word.

This is the most contemptible bit
of impudence l've ever encountered.

Photographing innocent people!
lt's invasion of privacy.

lf a newspaper got it, your wife
wouldn't know you were being a snake.

l think l better sit down.
Are you sure there are no more?

Positive, Piggie. Do you feel better?
You little angel,
you don't even know that...

...a certain type of girl would
take advantage of this.

She'd have to be
a terrible girl to be mean...

:51:51 a sweet, intelligent,
generous man like you.

My dear, let me do something
to show my gratitude.

-Thank you ever so!
-May l kiss your hand?