Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

A kiss on the hand feels good,
but a diamond tiara lasts forever.

-Lady Beekman's. l'd love it.

-Good gracious.
-What's the matter?

Wouldn't you rather have
some furs or a race horse?

No, thank you.
lt would be hard to explain
that l'd given it away.

You're so clever.
You could, if you put your mind to it.

-Do you think so?
-Of course.

Besides, it's only fair l should have
her tiara. After all, she has you.

My dear, my very dear!
-Let's get it now.
-Anything you say, my dear.

-Keep an eye on the door.
-Oui, monsieur.

All right, Pierre.
Take this thing back to my cabin.

l'll stay here.
Here's the microphone and a dividend.

Merci, monsieur.
-And leave the door open.
-Oui, monsieur.

Lorelei, they're coming--
How did you get in?

-Through the door.
-Still snooping around?

Nothing to do with you.
l'm paid to watch the blonde--

l'd sure hate to have your job.
Checking up on people is messy work,
but only when they're doing things--

Like pretending to make love to a girl
while you spy on her friend?