Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

That part of it is not true.
l don't believe anything you say.
Go away, Sherlock, you're a wrong guy.

-l'm not wrong about you.
-You're only making it worse.

Don't listen, but l'm telling you--
Come on in,
you can hear better in here.

Am l intruding, or is he leaving?
l'm leaving. But, Miss Lee,
before l go, l'll tell you this.

Sometimes even a mercenary nitwit
like you has a decent impulse.

Don't get your friend mixed up
in your schemes.

Because l'll rub your nose in them,
and l don't want her to get hurt.

lf you've nothing more to say,
pray, scat!

That's about all.
Honey, except for telling you
l have money, which l haven't...

...everything else l said, l meant.
And it wasn't part of my job either.

Think about it.
Why did you just stand there
and let him kiss you?

lt's crazy, but l think
l'm falling in love with that slob.

You just feel that way
because he's poor.

l hope so. Come on, let's change.
We dock in an hour.

We want to buy some clothes.
You know, hats, dresses.