Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

You know some good places?
That's where we want to go first.
-This has been fun, hasn't it?

lt's the first time
l've shopped without a man along.

You were a big help. l've never
spent so much money so fast.

-A pleasure.
-ls that enough?

-Thank you.
-We'll be seeing you.

Bonjour, madame.
Bonjour. l am the manager.
May l help you?

Certainly. Show me a place
to take my shoes off.

Dorothy, a lady never
admits her feet hurt.

Have you reservations?
Yes. ln the name
of Mr. Augustus Esmond.

-This is Miss Shaw, l'm Miss Lee.

Oh, yes. We have been expecting you.
This way, please.

-l thought we'd lose you in Paris.

-Are these the persons you spoke of?

Lady Piggie. l mean Beekman!
What a pleasant surprise.

l dare say. You may proceed, Pritchard.
This person is Miss Lee.

l represent
the Suffolk lnsurance Company.

l never buy insurance.
Mr. Malone needs it in his business.
What is all this?