Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Bonjour, madame.
Bonjour. l am the manager.
May l help you?

Certainly. Show me a place
to take my shoes off.

Dorothy, a lady never
admits her feet hurt.

Have you reservations?
Yes. ln the name
of Mr. Augustus Esmond.

-This is Miss Shaw, l'm Miss Lee.

Oh, yes. We have been expecting you.
This way, please.

-l thought we'd lose you in Paris.

-Are these the persons you spoke of?

Lady Piggie. l mean Beekman!
What a pleasant surprise.

l dare say. You may proceed, Pritchard.
This person is Miss Lee.

l represent
the Suffolk lnsurance Company.

l never buy insurance.
Mr. Malone needs it in his business.
What is all this?

lf you return the tiara, l'm willing
to forget this squalid incident.

Allow me to clarify. Lady Beekman's
tiara has been reported as stolen.

-What's that got to do with us?
-lt's in your possession.

-Absolutely not!
-Let Lorelei talk for herself.

She'll do better than that.
She'll sue you for slander! Tell them.

-We're waiting.
-None of your business.

lt's very much our business.
Just tell them you haven't got it--
Oh, Lorelei, you didn't!

l did not steal the tiara.
-Then how is it in your possession?
-That's my affair.

-That's one explanation.
-Lord Beekman knows. Ask him.

We've already done so.
He denied knowing anything about it...

...and departed for Africa.
-Piggie wouldn't do that!
-Are you going to give back the tiara?